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The Quick Seine™

The award winning Quick Seine is a fly fishing seine net that will enable the fly fisher to conveniently capture trout stream insects and make more productive fly pattern selections. A useful and practical seining net.The unique net handle design makes this insect seine net quick and efficient.

The Dry-Tech MRT™ Fly Box

The Dry-Tech MRT Saltwater and Freshwater Fly Box will completely dry saltwater or freshwater soaked flies inside the box continuously without any rust or hook corrosion. Moisture Reduction Technology (MRT) absorbs rusting moisture. Will save and prolong the life of your flies.

The Handi-Measure™

The Handi-Measure is a unique net handle fishing tape measure that will remain out of the way but always ready to measure your catch. Fish up to 36 inches can be easily measured inside the net with less stress and handling on the fish. Adjustable design fits all wooden and metal nets.

About Angling Designs

Angling Designs, Inc. is an 19 year old Colorado company dedicated to developing innovative fly fishing products. We offer three fly fishing accessories designed to make your fishing experience more efficient and productive. Located in Englewood, Colorado at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, we have an abundance of majestic national forests and parks along with more rivers, streams, and lakes that you could fish in a lifetime.

Contact us to request more information about our fly fishing products and fishing gear to discover the best way to fly fish.

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