5 Savings Tips on Purchasing a Mattress for Your Boat

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Whether you are cruising, yachting, or sailing, you must purchase the right mattress for your boat. A good boat bed provides comfort and support when you are sleeping.

With the right one, you will sleep properly. And you will enjoy your stay in your boat.

However, it is hard to find the right sleeping surface for a boat. Boat sleeping surfaces are available in different shapes and sizes. Do not worry too much because you are going to learn how to purchase the right bed for your boat in this article. You do not have to spend a lot of money on a boat mattress.

The following are five savings tips on purchasing a mattress for your boat.

1. Try Before You Buy

Is this the first time you are buying a bed for your boat? If yes, you have never slept on a boat mattress before. It is hard to select a cushion if you have not tried it.

Test the boat mattress before purchasing. Look for the best brands in your local area. Visit their showrooms and test their products.

It is risky to buy online. Why? Because you won’t know if it will meet your needs. Test several products until you find the one that fits your needs.

2. Choose the Right Size

A ghostbed fits perfectly in your boat. If you are not sure about the measurements, do not make the purchase.

Reputable stores send someone to take the measurements. Call these stores and ask them to send an expert to take the measures. This is important if you want to select the right size.

Big boat beds cost a lot of money. Ask the expert to recommend an affordable boat mattress that will perfectly fit in your boat.

3. Choose the Right Option

There are so many options when it comes to the boat and marine mattresses. And these options have their prices. Some of these options include pocketed coil, memory foam, latex foam, and traditional innerspring ones.

Choose an option that you like. Make sure that you can afford that mattress. If you like traditional innerspring beds, you can select this option.

4. Molds

There are boat mattresses that are not resistant to molds. Do not buy them because they do not last for a long time.

Want to ensure durability and hygiene? Look for a custom design boat mattress that is made with a mold-resistant vinyl bottom.

5. The Price

What is the cost of buying the boat mattress? It is easy to compare the prices of boat mattresses. You can compare their prices online. Look for an affordable bed for your boat. Make sure that it will last for a long time.

If possible, read the reviews of these mattresses before buying one. Understanding what other people have written will help you make an informed decision.

These are the five saving tips on purchasing a mattress for your boat. Follow these tips if you want to buy the right bed for your boat.

A Brief Guide To Fishing In the Cayman Islands

Fishing is something that you can do all year in the Cayman Islands.  There are also many different types of fishing that you can complete.  It is recommended that you know a bit more about fishing in the Cayman Islands before you set out.

Reef Fishing

Reef Fishing

Grand Cayman is surrounded by a reef which is the home of some truly amazing tropical fish.  Reef fishing is something that you can do with the whole family because even the youngest of fishers will have some success.  The fishing trips in the Cayman Islands are some of the best in the world. There are many different types of fish that you could catch in the reef from snapper to barracuda to yellowtail.  It is important to note that a policy of catch and release is encouraged on the reef to ensure that the fish survive there, but edible fish can be taken home with you.

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing is something that you can easily enjoy while in the Cayman Islands.  The drop off in Cayman is only a quarter mile from the shore and the depths reach up to 800 meters.  A bit further out, you will reach the Cayman Trench which reaches a staggering depth of 20,000 feet and is full of fish.

When deep sea fishing, you will have the chance to catch tuna, blue marlin, and mahi-mahi.  The season for Wahoo will run from November to March and tuna can be caught from March to June.  Mahi-mahi and marlin can be found around the islands all year. This is a valuable activity list for people in your family who may not want to fish. It is important to note that deep sea fishing trips will generally leave early and some of the operators will provide you with lunch.

Shore Fishing

Shore fishing is the last type of fishing that you can enjoy in the Cayman Islands.  This is open to everyone and all you need to do is stand on the shoreline to fish.  When it comes to shore fishing, a catch and release policy is encouraged, but you can take edible fish home.

Know The Restrictions

If you are going to be fishing in the Cayman Islands, you need to know some of the restrictions.  Spearfishing is prohibited in all forms to non-Caymanians and importing spearing devices is illegal.  It is recommended that you take a guide when fishing to ensure that you are not entering any of the designated marine parks or other protected areas.

Angling Design

Tips On How To Secure A Kayak

Want to secure your kayak and make sure it is in place as you want it to be?


There are a few considerations to ponder over, and each one is going to be mentioned here in this read. Take a look and get going towards a safe setup.

1) Use Crossbars For Support

The first purchase you are going to make is a set of crossbars that are going to go from one side to the other.

The idea of the crossbars is to act like a rack that is going to strap in the kayak. You can make sure the kayak sits into the crossbars as soon as you put them up.

2) Buy J or V-Shaped Foam

How is the kayak going to be strapped in if you are not protecting it from damage?

Make sure you are using J or V-shaped foam at its pressure points, so it doesn’t press against the wrong item and get damaged. You can attach these foams to the crossbars.

3) Use Cam Straps

The cam straps are important when it comes to securing a kayak properly.

Get cam straps that are at least 12 feet long and make sure they are used to strap the kayak into place. These are quick and simple to use making it a breeze.

4) Bow and Stern Lines

This is important as you are going to want two lines in place. One for the bow and one for the stern. Aim for water-resistant rope as it is going to manage well if the weather gets bad and you will feel confident with its presence too.

5) Maintain Balance of Kayak


Now just like anything else that is being secured into place, you want to understand the balance aspect of things.

Don’t place the kayak down and assume it is going to hold its position automatically. It can only be secured if everything is done evenly. The moment you start favoring the bow or the stern is when everything is going to come falling and it will lead to serious damage.

These are tips for securing a kayak and making sure it is done correctly. There are people who don’t emphasize this aspect and assume it will be safe but that is not going to be true. Instead, the kayak is going to fall and you are going to have a real mess on your hands.


Setting Up Your Kayak For Fishing: A Simple Guide

Taking your kayak out in the water is a great experience no matter what you are doing. However, when you want to use your kayak for fishing, there are some things you can do to help make the space conducive to doing so. Continue reading for some helpful tips that you can use to set up your kayak for fishing.

Setting up your kayak for fishing requires some storage for the gear you fish with. Typical fishing requires things such as poles, tackle, knives, pliers, and other accessories. To use your kayak to fish in, having these situations where they are easy to access, but out of the way is something you can do by placing a container in the back of the boat. A typical storage item used by many is a milk crate. Situated behind the seat, this is the perfect place to store your fishing gear.

man fishing in a kayak

Fishing pole holders will also come in handy as you set up your kayak for fishing. You can find various options. And then attach them directly to the boat or to the milk crate you use to store your fishing gear.

Also, you need to ensure you have a proper flotation device. This will help keep you safe while on the water. You will find that some of them have pockets where you can store items you may need for fishing. It should be comfortable, too, so your arms are free to cast and reel in the fish you catch.

As you fish, you want to keep your kayak still. Installing a trolley anchor system can help you do just that. Dropping an anchor from anywhere on the boat is simple with this pulley system. Another option, which is best for fishing in shallow water, is an anchor pole. You can quickly make your own using anything from copper piping to a broomstick.

Another thing you may want on your kayak as you fish is a trolling motor. This allows you to cruise on the water and keep your hands free from paddling. You can use a motor mount on the stern or behind the seat.

As you can see, there are several things that you can do to make your kayak a beautiful place to fish. Consider these tips to help you set up your boat for fishing.