Becoming a Deep Sea Fishing Enthusiast

According to a 2018 special report on Fishing, more than 49 million Americans went fishing at least once in 2017. The study showed just how much fishing is a part of the American culture and lifestyle. As an activity, fishing is a great way to relax. While most people simply explore the lakes and rivers by their country home or take a short boat trip some meters into the lake, those who seek something bigger often try their patience, skills, and luck at Deep Sea Fishing. How rewarding it is to show off a big catch on a bright sunny day.

Across the globe, there are breath-taking destinations for deep sea sportfishing. Think of it as the pinnacle of Fishing adventures. It is not necessarily about catching a fish or two or going face to face with the ocean’s monsters; it is also about the thrill of the massive waters, the waves hitting against your boat, the laughs, misses and near-catches, and, well, the mishaps too. For all intent and purposes, Deep Sea sportfishing is one of the most exciting adventures anyone can embark on.

But what exactly does it entail? What is Deep Sea sportfishing?

Deep Sea sportfishing is the act of taking a boat to the open waters and venturing into the deep, miles away from the coast. It is an activity common among anglers and is done in waters where the depth is at least 30 meters. That’s exactly what its name says- deep sea. The reward attached to deep sea sportfishing is BIG (literally), but if you often get seasick, you may want to avoid such an adventure.

So, if you’re bored of coastal fishing and you desire large fishes like the Tuna, mahi-mahi, snapper, Jewfish, tailor, pearl fish, mackerel, and several other species, going to the deep, open waters should be your move. This will certainly help rekindle your love for fishing, improve your skills and add a feather to your fishing cap. Who doesn’t want a bragging right, after all?

Best destinations for deep sea sportfishing

There are hundreds of spots across the world where you can chase the big guys of the ocean in a fishing game. However, I’ll limit the scope to some of the most popular. These include Florida Keys, Cabo San Lucas, Galveston, Cape Cod, Key West, Bahamas, Madeira, Costa Rica, and Kauai Sportfishing.

Going alone or with?

Some people love to go solo, even on adventures. I often advise that it is better, safer and way more interesting to go with someone or some other people, especially for an adventure like this one. Not only will you need the help and assistance they’ll offer, but the sea can also be a very lonely place and having someone go with you will provide great company. Also, it is great to have someone close to have a sense of security.

Private Boat or Charter?

This largely depends on what is available. If you have a functional boat, then you can venture to the open waters with it. If you do not, there are several fishing charters you can use. This also depends on the ocean you must explore. If you’ll be flying to another city or country, it may not be possible to go with your boat, then you can choose a reliable charter with great experts to guide you and help you make the most of the adventure.

Experience the ocean

The entire essence of recreational fishing is to help you relax, unwind, and just have the thrill of your life. The open sea view is one that is out of this world. It is calm and quiet, and yet very boisterous and alive. The sea breeze blowing across your face combines with the soothing music that the ocean offers to give you an experience of a lifetime. What’s more, you may be lucky to spot a dolphin, shark, or turtle which you’ll never see when you limit yourself to the shores.