A Brief Guide To Fishing In the Cayman Islands

Fishing is something that you can do all year in the Cayman Islands.  There are also many different types of fishing that you can complete.  It is recommended that you know a bit more about fishing in the Cayman Islands before you set out.

Reef Fishing

Reef Fishing

Grand Cayman is surrounded by a reef which is the home of some truly amazing tropical fish.  Reef fishing is something that you can do with the whole family because even the youngest of fishers will have some success.  The fishing trips in the Cayman Islands are some of the best in the world. There are many different types of fish that you could catch in the reef from snapper to barracuda to yellowtail.  It is important to note that a policy of catch and release is encouraged on the reef to ensure that the fish survive there, but edible fish can be taken home with you.

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing is something that you can easily enjoy while in the Cayman Islands.  The drop off in Cayman is only a quarter mile from the shore and the depths reach up to 800 meters.  A bit further out, you will reach the Cayman Trench which reaches a staggering depth of 20,000 feet and is full of fish.

When deep sea fishing, you will have the chance to catch tuna, blue marlin, and mahi-mahi.  The season for Wahoo will run from November to March and tuna can be caught from March to June.  Mahi-mahi and marlin can be found around the islands all year. This is a valuable activity list for people in your family who may not want to fish. It is important to note that deep sea fishing trips will generally leave early and some of the operators will provide you with lunch.

Shore Fishing

Shore fishing is the last type of fishing that you can enjoy in the Cayman Islands.  This is open to everyone and all you need to do is stand on the shoreline to fish.  When it comes to shore fishing, a catch and release policy is encouraged, but you can take edible fish home.

Know The Restrictions

If you are going to be fishing in the Cayman Islands, you need to know some of the restrictions.  Spearfishing is prohibited in all forms to non-Caymanians and importing spearing devices is illegal.  It is recommended that you take a guide when fishing to ensure that you are not entering any of the designated marine parks or other protected areas.

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