Hang A Fishing Kayak In Your Garage

How To Properly Hang A Kayak In Your Garage Without Damaging It

Because of the way they’re constructed, using light, thin, materials, stretched over a frame, kayaks need to be stored carefully to prevent warping. They are susceptible to excess heat and stress that gets worse over time. So, if your kayak is stored in the wrong position for any length of time in a hot garage, it could end up permanently warped that way. Here are some tips to keep your kayak in good shape while storing it up and out of the way in your garage.

Pick A Good Place In The Garage That’s Out Of The Way

You don’t want to be tripping over your kayak all of the time, that’s the reason you’ll want to hang it out of the way. They take up a certain amount of space, so measure the spot on the wall that long enough, wide enough, and has some structure to attach hooks. Your garage shouldn’t reach a temperature of 100 degrees F since that would be bad for the kayaks materials. Direct sunlight is also dangerous since the sun’s rays will typically rise above 100 F even though the air is much lower.

kayak storage

You should take the time to completely wash your kayak inside and out since the dirt may begin to become permanent after long storage. Make sure you also rinse all of the soap off after you’re done as well; many soaps are OK for a quick wash but harmful over the long-term. Dry with a towel or chamois to make sure there is no water left standing inside when you go to hang it. If there are cushions or other materials, they should be removed and stored separately to preserve them until you need to use them. Inside a sealed large garbage bag is best. Plus, it’s best not to have the extra weight in the kayak while hanging from hooks.

The Kayak Should Be Hung At A 45 Degree Angle

The kayak should rest on large hooks and be horizontal to the ground. It should also rest so that it’s at about a 45-degree angle with one side on the hooks and the other side resting against the wall. This position helps spread the weight of the kayak onto two sides and keeps the kayak in the right shape for long storage. If it rests only on one side, by the time you need to use it, that side will have flattened out while the other side will still be normal. Spreading the weight and storing it at an angle is the best.

By taking good care of your kayak, you can get many years of good use from it. It will only take a few minutes to hang your kayak in your garage once you have everything set up correctly. You can even buy special wall brackets that spread the weight more evenly if you’re worried. By having everything prepared, each time you go to store it, you’ll be quickly done in 5 minutes or less.

Kayaks have certainly become a great way to get out in nature and enjoy time alone or with family and friends. Some of the best fishing kayaks can hold a TON of gear that will allow a fisherman to stay out on the lakes for a very long time.