Introducing the Quick-Seine

Conveniently captures trout stream insects for more effective fly-pattern selections

What is the Quick-Seine?

The Quick-Seine will provide you with an instant sampling of trout stream insects without the inconvenience of pocket-searching, juggling, or tying-on. A compatible all-white seine net is stored and transported in a pouch on the unused portion of your landing net handle and is always ready to use. The elasticized seine net can stretch over your landing net in seconds to capture and examine insect specimens on or below the surface of the water. The seine net dries completely inside its breathable pouch after use. Transported out of the way on the net handle, it frees up valuable vest-pocket space.

Why Use a Seine-Net?

In order to fool the fish with your artificial fly, it will be important to know the size, shape, and color of the insects the fish are feeding on. Selectively feeding trout will reject flies that are just a little larger or smaller than the actual hatching insects. As a result, accurately noting the characteristics of the naturals could be very rewarding to the angler. As fish become more cautious and “educated” due to increased fishing pressure, observing and matching the naturals may become even more important to angling success.

Since fish feed on subsurface insects 90% of the time, knowing what insects are active and available to the trout below the surface could be very advantageous to the angler. Keeping updated to the presence and characteristics of the naturals above and below the surface will enable the flyfisher to select more effective flies at any given time.

However, because it can be awkward and time-consuming, many anglers pass up on seining and end up frustrated when their flies are continuously refused by the fish. The Quick-Seine™ will convert your landing net into a seine net instantly, and enable you to examine stream insects quickly and efficiently.

A Valuable Stream Accessory

The Quick-Seine will become a valuable fly-fishing aid for you as it has for many others. It will assist you in selecting more effective fly patterns on-stream, contribute to more productive flies at the fly-tying vise, and enrich your overall fly-fishing experience. Made in USA.

The Quick-Seine is available from fly shops or can be purchased from the online store on our website.